House of Tracks and DJ Monitor

House of Tracks is the largest database of royalty-free electronic dance music. Providing unique music for ghost producers, Youtubers, DJ’s, companies, singer songwriters, content creators and many more. They are extremely diligent in the prevention of fraud. Which naturally led to a desire to use the most advanced music recognition technology available today. This led to the imminent collaboration with DJ Monitor. House of Tracks is the only royalty free music marketplace that checks their tracks through DJ Monitor and that adds a DJ Monitor certificate to all of their tracks.

DJ Monitor is proud to present:

  • 80 million audio fingerprints of music via partnerships which is growing by the minute
  • +93% recognition rate of music monitored.
  • 24/7 monitoring of venues, festivals, clubs, radio & tv, and online/digital platforms. Monitoring hundreds of thousands of performances per annum.
  • A proprietary audio fingerprinting technology/Algorithm capable of detecting tracks, remixes, live performances, mashups, stems and even multiple tracks per timeslot (eg. in a dj mix).