Event Monitoring

Since 2005 DJ Monitor actively monitors music events & venues, having developed advanced 19″ racks which record, stream and recognize music using advcanced audio fingerprinting software and our extensive online music database.
DJ Monitor has become a trusted source of music usage reporting to music users and rights owner alike. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) base their renumeration on our playlist reports.
To promote total transparancy, DJ Monitor has developed a Playlist Management System (PMS) in which rights owners can listen back performed music, verify the results and make claims of no names.
Although our roots are embedded in Dance Music, we can recognize virtually any genre of music. Even live performances from artists can be reported. So whether you need playlists from DJ sets or live concerts… DJ Monitor delivers!

• PROs collect money from rights users.
• Rights owners are entitled to this money.
• How do PROs know how to renumerate composers & artists if their work is played?
Through DJ Monitor!

Please ask your PRO if they use the DJ Monitor system, so that you receive what’s rightfully yours; If you get played, you get paid. It’s your right(s)!
Music rights owners can upload their music to our database absolutely free. We will then fingerprint the audio and store it in our music database togheter with the label copy so we can report next time your music is played to the appropiate PRO. We currently monitor over a hundred European radio stations and thousands of events and venues. In addition to uploading your music, you can take a subscription to our SongTracker service and we’ll report in real-time where, when and by who your song is played, including an e-mail/sms alert option.