DJ Monitor offers a broad range of monitor solutions and tailor made applications

Online Music Monitoring

Event Monitoring

Since 2005 DJ Monitor actively monitors music events & venues, having developed advanced 19″ racks which record, stream and recognize… Read more Event Monitoring

Live Playlists

Through our advanced DJPad monitor, it is possible to realtime identify music that is being played. This information can be… Read more Live Playlists


With our developed software it is possible to implement an iFrame containing live music identification data. For instance, when an… Read more iFrame

dB Control

With a dB meter built in our DJPad, we are able to monitor and control the volume of the played… Read more dB Control

Live Streaming

Through our to internet connected DJPAD, it is possible to live stream the music played at an event in high… Read more Live Streaming

Audio Recording

Our DJPads are able to record audio of an event in high quality (±320Kbps). This can be used for media… Read more Audio Recording

Music Tagging RFID

In collaboration with our partners, we provide wristbands with integrated RFID chips enabling music tagging. When pushing the button on… Read more Music Tagging RFID

Radio and TV Monitoring